In education, the methodology that works with technology can be a life-changer, a game-changer, for learners in any environment. Understanding how to facilitate learning in the virtual environment with its unique challenges can have a major impact on creating successful learning outcomes for your learners.


This 3-Day / 6-hour workshop will help a practicing facilitator transition into the online space. The virtual environment can be challenging while having to multi-task, keep participants engaged, and also retain the same level of effectiveness in terms of the actual learning.


This course is not directly about learning the best tools and technologies, but more about the methodologies, strategies and processes to adopt that empower your approach to facilitating learning. Participants will also experience the various tools and technologies that will be useless in the process.  


Participants will not only get an in-depth understanding on how to effectively facilitate learning, create safe spaces for exploration, learner engagement methods, learning styles, content development, delivery design, development of tools, and empowering the learners by using time tested methods, models, and processes, but also get to experience and practice the use of virtual technologies and the latest tools


All these elements are packed into a powerful and experiential learning program that will radically alter the teaching style of the facilitator.  During the course, you will also learn 20+ facilitation processes that will empower you to experience the effectiveness of facilitated learning and achieve exponential growth in terms of desired outcomes from your sessions. 


WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM THE PROGRAM: Educators, Institutional Leaders, Teachers & Trainers who work in the field of education (formal and non-formal), and learning & development. 

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