The Master CFP/PFP Certification is a huge achievement for any trainer or educator. Only Certified CFP/PFPs are invited to this course. It is a one-on-one mentoring program facilitated by the creator of this program, Joel S Godi.

A Certified Master CFP/PFP is thoroughly adept and up to date in all the knowledge and skills required to excel in their professional careers. They will be able to compete on a global level in both educational and corporate sectors.

This certification comes with a life-time validity and you will have access to all the updates and materials developed from time to time. A Master CFP/PFP will have the authority to conduct all FaciliTeacher programs independently and will be a co-signatory in all the certifications awarded in their workshops.

The Master CFP/PFP will also represent the FaciliTeacher program anywhere in the world without limit to any geographical boundaries and will be free to offer the program to anyone anywhere.

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