It is very essential for trainers to teach their learners according to their mental abilities. Educational psychology helps the trainer in doing so. It enables the trainer to know when to teach, what, where, and how? 

WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM THE COURSE: All Educators, Teachers, Trainers, Home Schooling Parents, and just about anyone with an interest in understanding the science of learning and retention of knowledge, which will help them to improve the learning process and promote educational success for all students.

COURSE FEATURES: One of the most popular areas of psychology is learning/educational psychology. It could be defined in a lot of different ways, but the basic idea is that it’s a field that studies and applies theories and concepts from all of psychology in educational settings. Educational settings might be schools, ranging from preschools all the way through college and beyond. But they also might be anywhere people learn, such as after school programs, community groups, companies, or even within families.

Participants will acquire new knowledge and skills on how to apply theories of human development to understand individual learning and inform the instructional process. In teaching, we are dealing with three elements – the instructor, the learner, and the content. It has helped teachers, trainers, and educators to significantly develop an impartial and sympathetic attitude towards children and form them into integrated personalities.

Learning Psychology Helps in Professional Growth, Changing Attitude, and Innovative Thinking.

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