The FaciliTeacher program was conceptualized, developed, and designed by Joel S Godi, a Social and Educational Psychologist, Psychometrician, Behavioral Coach, Non-Formal Learning Practitioner, Master Trainer & Professional Facilitator.

Joel believes that there are major skill gaps in the training and teaching community that need to be addressed on a priority basis. Most professionals in the field are SMEs and a lot of them don’t have the minimum foundational knowledge in the science of learning or even the various methods and approaches to be adopted in different environments.

So even while they might have great content, most miss out on the desired outcomes due to this lack. Yes, there are many ‘surface-methods and techniques’ available to help, but there is no depth to these approaches if not backed by a solid foundation in learning sciences. This realization led to the creation of this program.

Joel is the founder of Proteje CCLD, an L&D Consulting, Content Development & Design, Training & Facilitation services company.

The FaciliTeacher program is one of the many programs under Proteje CCLD.

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