Courses available in both Online & Offline Modes.

7000+ trained & 300+ Certified CFPs & PFPs.

Learners spread out across 8 countries.

The FaciliTeacher program as the name suggests is designed and developed with the motive to engage, educate and empower the community of Trainers, Educators & Teachers across the world in the art and craft facilitation processes and practice in their professions.

The program covers all the essential areas of knowledge and skills that a modern Trainer or Educator requires in their profession. It is a comprehensive program and will empower the learner with essential facilitation skills along with the required foundations in Applied Psychology, Learning Theories, Emotional Intelligence & Instructional Design.

The program has three levels:

Level 1. FaciliTeacher Essentials

— Applied Learning Psychology

— Experiential Learning In Practice

— Emotional Intelligence for Trainers

— Instructional Design

Level 2. Certified Classroom facilitation Practitioner (CFP) and Process Facilitation Practitioner (PFP)

Level 3. Certified & Licensed Master CFP/PFP.

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